MASSIVE x Censor

August 2021

I was involved in design conceptualisation and producing a campaign across MASSIVE channels, driving young audiences to purchase tickets to MASSIVE preview screenings and raise awareness of Saint Maud’s theatrical release.

I came up with the concept for the campaign and created this moodboard to help Studio Moross understand the brief we were giving them. I took inspiration from the slicing and symmetry of 70's horror film posters and the gothic graphics of contemporary brands such as Hoodbats. I wanted a bright, blood red to play a big role in the colour palette and moody greens similar to the carpet Maud lies down on in the film stills. Rich colours and warm tones like the A24 Hereditary t-shirt, but with that black contrast, was something I felt would be really effective.


  • 5 preview screenings nationwide.
  • Curated pre-show to play out ahead of previews in cinemas.
  • We teamed up with Studio Moross to create a bespoke MASSIVE x Saint Maud asset suite that was cohesive with the aesthetic of the film.
  • Full marketing takeover on social media, email, whatsapp + PR multi-channel media spend - targeted at 16-24s.
  • Collaborations with artists & influencers.
  • Bespoke merchandise design, production and distribution – including an exclusive collaboration with La Boca to create limited edition prayer candles with artwork inspired by the film.


  • 158 tickets purchased | 197 available seats | 80% occupancy.
  • Social reach: 1.02M
  • Social Impressions: 1.98M 
  • Video Plays: 1.29M
  • Engagements: 102K
  • Organic reach: 10K
  • Influencer reach: 57K
  • Publicity OTS: 1.86M
  • Email Reads: 2,446
  • Website Visits: 5,093

La Boca x MASSIVE Prayer Candle

I was asked to come up with innovate ideas for merchandise we could create for the campaign that would relate to the film's topics. After idea generation we decided to create a limited edition prayer candle with bespoke wrapping that referenced Saint Maud.

Collaborating with independent design studio La Boca to create an exclusive design for the wrapping of the candle, we wanted to make sure that the candle was a highly anticipated item of movie memorabilia. 

I oversaw production of the candles themselves and these were then seeded out to influencers and press in order to create hype surrounding our MASSIVE previews and the film release itself.

Influencer Marketing

After researching into creatives that I thought would generate exciting work inspired by the film, I commissioned:

I wanted to commission creatives that came from different backgrounds and who worked in various interesting mediums so that we could reach multiple consumer bases and keep the campaign fresh and exciting.

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