MASSIVE x Mogul Mowgli Design Conceptualisation

October 2020

I led the creative idea generation and briefing for MASSIVE's Mogul Mowgli campaign that ran across all socials. Working with Studio Moross, I was across all parts of the design process.

Moodboard I created to brief the design studio. I wanted to make use of the dreamy blues that played such a big part in the colour palette of the film and also incorporate marigolds that featured in the groom's sehra.  

This was an extremely personal project for me as part of my mixed-race heritage is Pakistani. I decided to use pictures of my own family and pictures I've taken on trips to Pakistan to really get across an authentic feeling of heritage and the ties we have to our backgrounds.

Holding slide design for exclusive MASSIVE x Mogul Mowgli screenings on ourscreen's Virtual Cinema platform.

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