MASSIVE 2021 Rebrand

May 2021

I was asked to give MASSIVE Cinema's look an overall refresh and redesign. Working with Studio Moross, I conceptualised a new and exciting direction for the brand.

Moodboard I created to help envision the rebrand.

After conducting research into current graphic design trends that brands were using and into MASSIVE's audience itself, I decided on a contemporary look and feel that was bold and punchy.

I wanted to go for a clean base look with bright, hazy colours. I was inspired by scientific white / vibrant petri dishes / strong & simple fonts and contrasting textures. 

My aim was to have versatile imagery and branded features that would look striking on their own but could also be added to and layered with gritty, Risograph textures and colour overlays. I didn't want the brand to get stuck in the cycle of feeling constricted by what they could do and wanted several different aesthetic routes to be able to work with the new vibe of the brand, without looking out of place.

Playfulness with font styles and positioning and colour was extremely important to be in order to keep things youthful, exciting and fun.

I wanted to utilise white space and incorporate black in small doses, but have the main focus on pops and hazy washes of bright, psychedelic colours. This would also allow us to be able to incorporate film stills and posters into our platforms without upsetting the overall aesthetic of the brand.

I also created a moodboard with layout inspiration taken from brands that MASSIVE's audience engaged with. 

MASSIVE website homepage

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